2023: changing my life in 365 days

Ok guys, I kinda cheated on this one because I started this plan in small increments years ago. However, I started taking it seriously again in late 2022.

My steps to changing my life in 365 days…


showing up as the person I want to be

  • step one: acquiring a new wardrobe – I’m a firm believer that the clothes you wear, help to bring out the energy you wish to embody for the day. Maybe it’s due to my Jamaican upbringing, but presentation is everything to me. Once I’m dressed for the part, I’m ready for the role! I have always donated and recycled my old clothes as textiles and back in 2020, I committed myself to spending my money more ethically and purchasing clothes of higher quality so they would last longer, much to my mother’s delight. This is how I first began to show up as the person I wanted to be. I removed all the clothes that no longer spoke to me, no longer fit my interests and personality. Also, I technically have no “house clothes” as all my clothes can be turned into bomb-ass outfits or PJs. Loungewear becoming fashionable definitely helped as tracksuit and trainer combos are one of my first loves.
  • step two: new attitude – Avoiding all bouts of imposter syndrome, that’s it.

J’suis trop charismatique, tu kiffes mes timiniks

Aya Nakamura – 40%
  • step three: new surroundings – I got a new job mid-2022, and this year I moved into a new crib! A beautiful apartment, waiting to be filled with a lot of tech and a lot of plants. Sometimes a change of surroundings does so much for reaching our goals, absorbing the right energy and repurposing that energy into something creative! Both of these changes have had a huge impact on my life. It already feels so different to 2021 and that makes me very excited to document and share these new spaces with you!!


creating and being consistent with routines

I had to be realistic with this one. Speaking to myself, I said, “attempting multiple new routines, simultaneously, might make the task much harder Kirsty. Be kind to yourself.” That internal dialogue served as my own reminder that, where the routine falters, just let it slide and keep trying with something else. The first routine I was able to stick to was taking my vitamins and supplements everyday. But boy, was it a challenge! Now, I can’t imagine starting my day any other way. I took the Boots Vitamin Quiz for personalised recommendations on my body’s needs. We’ve all heard the phrase, it takes 21 days to form a habit, well apparently it’s more like 66 so… keep going! Another routine I have been sticking to so far is my face routine! This one really changed not only my skin’s health, but my mental health regarding my attitude to eczema, and dry skin. Being confident in how I show up on a day-to-day basis was already mentioned above through the lense of clothing, and attitude. However, your body health impacts that too. Once I’ve cemented the face routine, the workout regimen will be next! Look out world!


accepting past versions of yourself

Finally, I had to note down the importance of accepting past versions of myself! It’s easy to want to be your best self, and to therefore re-imagine your history and completely disregard the bad habits, behaviours or experiences that brought you to this point. I love who I am and I accept everything I’ve done before, and/or experienced. Life truly is a journey and being able to record it through words, pictures, videos and memories makes it all the more special. Whatever you may be going through, or have been through, remember to trust the process. Also remember that you can decide whether something continues or ends, if you need to restart your life, then do so! It’s ok to reset and start afresh.

Are you planning on changing your life this year? If so, in what ways?

Perhaps you’re focusing on doing “the work” (see featured image above for context)

3 fitting words for this post; change, refresh, persevere

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