adidas Presents… part 1.

Despite still being on the mend from a crazy bout of Tonsilitis, I spent two evenings with Adidas for their Adidas Presents… series in London last week. The events took place on Monday and Saturday in association with the Jamaica Football Federation’s new kit being launched, and ooooeee, I am in love. I particularly love the brown away-kit design, I’mma need it in every size for all my fren dem. Please note this post contains a few words written in Patois; if you don’t know – get to know!

First up was the celebration party hosted by Trench mag, which was a complete vibe. It took place at Adidas’ flagship store on Oxford St, featuring live DJ sets, live art by Kieron Boothe and refreshments courtesy of Refill Caribbean and Old Jamaica. The authenticity and respect for Jamaican culture were present; Seani B did a magnificent job as always as our host, making sure to drop a likkle history lesson on everyone’s headtops!

I made sure to incorporate our colours into my outfit for the night. I had yellow and green bands wrapped in my Bantu knots, paired with a black midi dress with gold jewellery adorning various body parts. I did a good job capturing the island’s spirit while trying not to freeze inna dis England.

It’s easy to take Jamaica’s impact on the globe for granted when you live in London, as you constantly see it all around you. We have a distinct presence in north and south London, so I have always felt connected to my culture.

Now, I had won tickets to the celebration party, so I expected to be able to breeze through the doors and head straight to the vibes – needless to say, that didn’t happen. Come late, you have to wait. We were told we had to wait till some people left, so we could get in, as they had reached capacity! How sway! From the music being played, the few of us who had by this point become enough to form a substantial queue knew to get a bit comfortable. We got to chit-chatting, and in what felt like 10 mins or less, we finally got our wristbands and headed upstairs.

I wasn’t sure what to expect before I arrived, but I’m glad I made it out of the house to hold a likkle meds still! The food and refreshments were free, but I came to dance and spend a dime. I copped two jerseys, one in yellow and the other in brown. I got my favourite number and my Instagram handle printed onto the back of the yellow one. I cannot tell you how excited I am, just picturing where I could wear them next… World Athletics Championships, anyone? How about Paris 2024 Olympics? Who knows!

My highlight of the night was, of course, the performance by the one and only D Double E. Listening to some classic grime hits took me right back to my childhood and Uni days – the nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. Seeing everyone holding a vibe and enjoying this moment in real time was lovely. It’s definitely one for the history books. On a personal note, I’m proud of myself not only for opening up and talking to new people and for not letting my lingering cold get the best of me!

Please enjoy the flicks from the celebration party below. More can be found on our Instagram @3fittingwords

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