Adidas Presents… part 2.

Part two of the Adidas celebration series was hosted on Saturday, 11th Feb, at Jumbi Peckham. A bar and restaurant in South London catered to showcasing African-Caribbean diaspora culture. The Club Jamaica – 1st of its kind – was held in the warehouse next door; how they transformed the space was incredible. By the night’s end, it had everything: a bar, nail salon, football pitch and a sound system and dancefloor, all under the roof.

I was fortunate enough to get tickets for the evening portion of the event; I painfully missed out on the live footy match, the VERSUS panel discussing the Reggae Girlz and the art workshops with Cam Portland; however, I’ve heard nothing but good things. I wore my brown Wales Bonner-designed jersey to the Club; it fits like a dream and looked so good paired with my gold jewellery.

Even though I had missed out on the day’s activities, the food & drink were not to be missed. On arrival, you received free drinks and food tokens; I’m telling you, Adidas treated us nicely – the rum punch sold out early. The music courtesy of Shy One and Vandurta got everybody lit and bubbling till the night’s end. To round up my night, I had to head over to The Dutchie before they closed to get my dinner for Sunday and a little bam-bai (late-night treat/snack) to sober me up. I’ve added some pictures below for better insight.

For more pictures and information, I recommend checking out VERSUS article about the event, with images by Jahnay Tennai.

3 fitting words for this post; medz, vibes, footy

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