Letter to a friend #2

La verdadera amistad resiste el tiempo, la distanica, y el silencio

Hey linda hermanita,

Solitude and isolation are close but not the same, ok? There’s no pleasure in your seclusion. There’s no relief in your solitary state, so don’t hide hermanita. Tell me, why are you hiding hermanita? You’re not usually one to hide. Si, sometimes we don’t speak for months but I can tell the difference. I’m not afraid of time and space, heck, long distance suits me well. This here is different! I know something is up hermanita.

Are you afraid to show that you can be vulnerable, that everything is not always perfect? Ahhh, mija, that’s my thing, you can’t steal it from me lol. Good friends give love and support, tell you when your wrong sin juicio, hermanita. Remember who I am, we don’t judge over here. Answer the call hermanita.

When you disappear like this, I know that your world has turned grayscale. You can’t find its beauty, you can’t see its technicolour. Life isn’t black nor white chica, and it isn’t speckled grey either. Answer the call hermanita.




~ “Hey Kirsty, I’m so sorry, I know, I know I’ve been a total mess, I…”

One phone call and you spilled it all. Did I even get a chance to say hello jajaja? The worst part was hearing your apologies, It’s ok, you’re not on trial. I told you, I’m checking that you’re ok. I told you, you don’t need to hide behind walls hermanita. It’s ok.

You don’t always have to smile hermanita. Just remember, when it’s gone for a while it will return eventually. When you’re down or stressed or overwhelmed remember you’re not alone. We all need space but beware of that thin line, bordering seclusion. It’s not you and it’s not good. I’m emailing this to you right now. Read, read again and remember.

Love, Kirsty.

Reminder to myself and everyone else: trust your instincts.

3 fitting words for this post; phone calls, instinct, isolation

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