Letter to a friend #1

Without rain, there are no flowers.

Dear Girl,

I want you to stop beating yourself up for being human. We all have feelings and sometimes they’re inexplicable. Why are you so hard on yourself? Can’t you see how far you’ve come and that your journey isn’t done? It is nowhere near complete. You’re so young, too young to fall into such despair. The heart you’re trying to protect is a prisoner, trapped behind the walls you’ve constructed to keep everything out. It’s isolated. Nah b, that isn’t healing, you can’t heal that way.

Love yourself girl, take pride in who you are. Do you know who you are? Find out. Acknowledge and accept all of you. Take what is innate and mould it with what you want to be. You’re already moving forward, you’re already progressing. What do you have to fear if you’re already here… Living, dreaming and figuring out the puzzles of life? Let go of that fear. Your past experiences don’t define you, take hold of your future and your opinion of self. Look back, but only in order to understand and appreciate your present. Make your memories, whether good or bad, serve a purpose, serve your future.

No one said it’s easy, but just keep going.

Look after yourself girl, why are you neglecting your health? Don’t become a shell of your former self… We won’t be young forever. Keep yourself together, intact, in body and in mind. Please. No more A&E, no more hospitals, no more antibiotics. You’ve got enough strength for everyone else but none for yourself girl, Nah. Take care.

I want more than a decade of friendship, let’s multiply it by 5, by 10. Leave your loyalty to those who deserve it but be open to trusting someone new. Life is a journey with an ever-changing destination, so let’s enjoy the ride as much as we can.

Love, Kirsty

3 fitting words for this post; self-esteem, love, hope

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