Have you written about me yet?

I won’t mention your name.

I won’t send you a link to this post on WhatsApp.

I won’t even mention to you that I’ve posted something new.

One day you will find yourself reading this post. Hopefully, you will have a smile on your face, that infectious smile. The smile that extends from ear-to-ear. The smile that lights up a room and can transform into the cheekiest of grins. I hope when you read this, you’re wearing that smile.

The day you read this could be tomorrow or two days from now. It could be in the new year once all the festivities have ended and everyone’s pockets are empty, waiting for the first paycheck of 2019. Whenever it happens, (if it does) you will know it’s for you.

If I were to write a synopsis of our story so far, it would be short. Very short. How do you condense or summarise something that only has a beginning? A lot of detail would be missing. Synopsis’ are meant to be brief, but not to the point where they are ineffective in presenting a story’s plot. You like detail, I know this, so I’m going to remove the synopsis idea from my head.

So what do I write about? I want to keep your identity a secret, and there isn’t an end to our story yet (a mutual decision might I add) so I can’t even describe the plot of this neverending story. I guess I’ll talk about connections, mainly ours.

2018 was a year of growth for both of us. For me, I encountered a lot of new people, one of them was you. Each person I met taught me something new about myself, the world and how we interact with others. I had a lot of time, or at least, I made time to reflect and evaluate myself and my surroundings.

I haven’t decided how conventional our initial meeting was, nevertheless, a connection was established rather quickly. That’s a rarity. I was comfortable with you, and you with me. Good times ensued with every conversation we had and the more we laughed. You know those ugly laughs that mimic wolf howls? Yeah, those. A lot of those happened. Our DMCs (deep meaningful conversations) brought to light our shared experiences and the numerous things we have in common. Again, it all happened so quickly.

I don’t find it hard to talk to new people. However, because this is so easy for me, I can acquire relationships that lack depth. I treasure those deep and meaningful connections as they are the ones that truly defy the tests of time. As 2018 ends, I see my relationship categories grow; acquaintances, colleagues, outside friends, friends, close friends, best friends etc. It would be nice to live in a world without labels but alas, it’s not my portion. When it comes to you, a connection is already present. We can only wait and see what the future holds. You’re intriguing, I have no idea what category you will end up in. It’s funny, I could be writing a blog post about a future acquaintance or ‘somebody that I used to know’ just because you are neither right now. Hmmm.

A wise person once told me, “make lemonade, a lemon tart, a lemon sponge, or a house made out of lemons.” That person was right and they said it at a time when I needed that reminder the most.

That person was you.

3 fitting words for this post; connections, smiles, lemons

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