thank u, next…

I’m sure there have been numerous Instagram captions and blog posts featuring the same title as this one. Thank you to Ariana Grande…

The first day of 2019 finally arrived. The year begins with me feeling an array of emotions. Happiness, relief, contentment and wonder. For me, 2019 is already segmented into thirds, each remarkably different from the other. A year of monumental change and growth is here.

When the clock struck 12, I was surrounded by my friends and family all crowded into my living room, balloons and the remains of party poppers’ all over the floor. The party’s end commenced the beginning of my year. I felt secure and happy to get to work.

I had three goals for 2018 with regards to my spiritual well-being; to slow down, to be at peace and to enjoy living. I’ll explain below how I met these goals.

Slowing down

This was the toughest of my goals. I quickly realised that my busy and tightly-packed schedules were preventing me from achieving my other goals.

So I took breaks.

I prioritised my extracurriculars and focused on my humour and liberty. Living in the Caribbean helped immensely. I created the perfect balance between studying, getting enough sunshine and being active.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to take a break. We’re not robots, we cannot work continuously and we shouldn’t adhere to the “grind til I die” mentality.

Being at peace

Face masks, meditation and manifesting. These three activities were fundamental in creating the perfect vibe after a long day. I found myself at peace namely in my dimly lit bedroom with jazz music playing in the background.  This is what I call my serenity.

This oil diffuser was a necessary purchase for the new year. I’m in love with this one already, it changes colours!

Enjoy living

To do this I first had to learn to love myself with all my flaws… Not just say it, but mean it.

The second step was to find beauty in a troubled and problematic world. I took pleasure in the littlest things; the change in seasons, perfecting a new hairdo and listening to the Manchester rain produce therapeutic melodies on my bedroom windows. I stepped out in nature, fully immersing myself in landscapes untouched by man. I met incredible people, the type of people that restore your faith in humanity.

Step three was to figure out how I wanted to live, then do it. I think everyone would find step three difficult. We’re conditioned from a young age to live within predetermined moulds; the laws, regulations and cultures of the societies in which we live. I found a way to do the things I want to do, the things I have to do and live my truth shamelessly. Goal complete.

My 2019 will be more of the same thing.  My main goal is to continue becoming the person I’ve always wanted to be. I’m already halfway there.

3 fitting words for this post; beginnings, harmony, living.



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