21 things I learnt at 21.

You’re allowed to enjoy yourself on your way to living your best life.

  1. Spend more time with your parents.  I knew I would see my parents less and less the older I became. It has always been my dream to live abroad and travel frequently throughout the year. However, I have grown to realise just how important family time is.  I’m looking forward to our next big family meetup.
  2.  How to trust myself. You get wiser with age. I finally have a bit of faith in myself. I actually believe that the things I want, I shall get. I trust my capabilities.
  3.  Créole! Thanks to living in Martinique for 5 months, I’ve learnt a bit of Créole, now to just remember it all and improve that accent…
  4. Take your time! My life doesn’t need to be such a big rush. Slow it down, Kirsty. You’re 21 with your whole life ahead of you. You don’t have to accomplish everything before you’re 25. Chill, girl.
  5.  Start saving… now! Ok, so this one I knew ages ago, but it really became drilled in my mind this year. You’re a girl with big dreams, those pockets better be big too.
  6. How to love the skin you’re in. LITERALLY. I’ve got sensitive skin and on top of that, eczema. Yep, it’s annoying and it flares up when I’m stressed or eat too much dairy, but, hey! It’s my life. I realised my biggest problem wasn’t my acceptance but other people’s. In the end, they don’t count. PSA; if you have a problem with my flaky face, don’t look. LOL.                                                                                                               
  7. If it’s meant to be, it will be… This is now my philosophy. As I said before, I have faith in myself. I believe things will work out for me in all areas of my life. If it doesn’t, well, it’s just not for me. Keep it moving!
  8. Hustling is rewarding. Every time I completed a set or a circuit in the gym, I impressed myself. The gym hustle is serious! Let’s lift weights and stay active, it’s rewarding guys!
  9.  How to do the splits! So what if I only did it once to date* at a party, after a couple of drinks? It still counts. Wait for a photo update on my Instagram. I’ll do it again, trust me.
  10. Crazy life/Calm life – Both are ok! As much as I want to live the jet-setter lifestyle, I also love the serenity and simplicity of countryside living. This city girl can do both, and that’s ok! I now know I don’t have to do one or the other.
  11. Patience. Living in Martinique for 5 months has definitely tested my patience. I now have some… 🙂
  12. To talk to girls! For the first time in my life, I have more girl-friends than boy-friends. Hurray for real, non-volatile, non-competition-fueled female friendship! I didn’t think it was possible but the ladies in my life proved that not all girls are like the witches I knew back in secondary school. WOOP!                                             
  13.  Taking a few risks won’t kill you. I survived that waterfall slip, enough said.
  14.  Some people do not deserve your time. I’m not the type of person who believes they’re better than others, but, I do value myself much more than I did in the past. Many people you encounter do not need to be a part of your winning circle or your future. If you don’t value me, you’re no longer getting my time. Goodbye.                       
  15. You’re good at crying. It’s almost as if my tear ducts were blocked until I reached 16 then boom, I couldn’t stop crying. I thought the slow creep out of adolescence would make the crying stop, but no. The crying is here to stay and I’m really good at it.
  16. Extreme multitasking. As a girl with many interests, I’ve learnt how to extreme multitask. I don’t need to put one aside to focus on the other. I can do it at the same time. Plus, it keeps me from being bored as I get distracted very easily.
  17.  The more you know, the more you grow. At 21, I know the importance of curiosity, it breeds creativity and spurs the imagination. I’ve learnt to keep learning.
  18.  Remember to eat. You ever get so busy you forget you haven’t eaten in a while? Ok, that was a hard habit for me to break but I think I’ve finally learnt how to remember to eat. Strange, I know.
  19.  The world is huge and full of people. Beyonce’s song “Irreplaceable” comes to mind. It’s ok if friendships end, you will meet new people from all over. Everything has its time and place, even friendships.
  20. Treat yo’ self. This one I arguably learnt when I was twenty, but I’ve perfected it at 21. After the hustle, comes the reward. Sometimes that reward is a treat, and I deserve it. Treat yo’ self!
  21. I have a huge heart. I give myself to those who often don’t deserve it (I’m not going to do that anymore). I have a lot of love, for a lot of people. I love giving and supporting people when I can, that will never change.

Did you really make it to the end? Wow, thanks for reading through all that! Tell me, what have you learnt since your last birthday?

3 fitting words for this post;  twenty-one, self-reflection, growth

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