A Leap of Faith

The last post talked about the things I do to stay motivated. But often, we don’t reach our potential because we’re scared to take the leap of faith.

I know this feeling all too well. I’ve been writing all my life, and I’ve had this blog for a long time. I wrote post after post and kept my site private. I continued to write and rewrite then eventually delete all my hard work. I was not prepared to present the things I treasured dearly (my thoughts, my writing, my goals) to the world. Now I am.

My idea is this, I’m going to note down 3 times in my life where I have taken a risk, or done something that pushed me out of my comfort zone. The aim? To recognise my achievements. The recognition will give that extra boost to an already motivated person. (Thanks, previous post :)).

  1. I ran for a Faculty Officer position at my University, and I won. This had to be my number one leap of faith moment. I don’t quite remember when I decided to run for the position. All I remember is that I believed I would be great at the job, (and I was). My passion for being the voice of a generation or a group of people spurred me on. The faculty of humanities has the largest number of students across both undergrad and postgrad degrees at my university. The campaigning was long and the pun I used on my name #thirsty4kirsty probably wasn’t the best BUT nevertheless, I won. People actually voted for me. Wow. There are always two officers per faculty but I received the most votes overall. Reminding myself of the importance of our student voice made all those meetings, senates, and extra reading (on top of my literature reading -_-) worth it. Thank you, fellow students, for having faith in me!

    Humanities Officer
    Me, amazed at my own handiwork.
  2. I jumped off a boat into the Red Sea despite my fear of deep water. The story goes like this, on the second day of my trip to Egypt, a bunch of the other interns decided to leap off a bridge and into the sea. This was in the “North Coast”, (the place all Egyptian’s head to for the holidays), and it was way too soon into my 6-week internship for me to lose my life. I decided not to jump. After that afternoon, all I could think about was that bridge. Why didn’t I do it? Yes, I have a fear of drowning, and yes it was only my second day there. But why? Maybe I shouldn’t feel bad, right? Wrong, I did. So when we took a trip to the Red Sea, I did what I had to do. I jumped x).
  3.  All the times I performed on stage during my childhood. I don’t think I  ever appreciated my ability to act and perform on stage in front of a huge crowd. I commend little Kirsty for that now.
    dance show 2012 things
    2012 Dance show. Don’t ask… Just enjoy the throwback pic.

    I’ll never forget performing at the Broadway Theatre in my hometown. I was on that massive stage at the age of 9/10. No, I wasn’t alone, I was with the rest of the school choir. But was I at the very front? Yes. Was I one of the children who created the choreography? Yes. It was a type of choir competition for all the schools in the borough of all ages. Looking back, I had no fear. I just went out there and sang and danced to what seemed like millions of eyes. I stayed on the stage throughout secondary school too. I even had a wardrobe malfunction during the dance show. Lovely memories…

Now you, try it for yourself. Try and note down 3 times you made a leap of faith. After doing this, not only will you feel proud, but, you will discover how often you have a dose of braveness. Whether it’s getting out of bed after a depression nap, or going for a run even when the weather is bad outside. Whatever it is that you do, no matter how great or small, it deserves recognition. Recognise your successes.

3 fitting words for this post; determination, self-appreciation, success.


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