Staying Motivated

Mercury retrograde is probably hitting all of us quite hard. Hurdles are appearing in front of us left, right, and centre. We’re being distracted by everything and anything, the littlest things appear as gold. It’s April 2018 and you’re already thinking your New Year’s resolutions are failures. Somehow, my motivation came back to me and here’s how I think it happened…

  1. Energy boosting playlists
  2.  Organising ma vie
  3. Manifesting my goals
  4. Working out that ass

  1. The power of MUSIC. Music is always my go to when I need a boost of energy or some motivation. A rhythm, good lyrics, a filthy bass and loud volume can change your mood instantaneously. If you’re lacking motivation, sometimes you just need to feel something…  Luckily, this weekend we were blessed with some fresh hits courtesy of Drake and Cardi B (I love her). If you haven’t heard them yet, I recommend Drake – Nice for what (lowkey a new female anthem bop) and Cardi B – Best Life ft. Chance the Rapper. These songs don’t necessarily give that happy-go-lucky Pharrell “I’m Happy” vibe but they were perfect for reminding me of how far I have come, and why I shouldn’t stop now. I.e, great songs for motivation! They’ve been on replay since I found them. Now, go live your best life and listen to good music!
  2.  So you’ve listened to your playlist to get you pumped and fired up, but you’re still not ready. How are you going to complete that dissertation? You’re looking at that laundry pile and you’re still not sure where to begin. What you need, is to be ORGANISED. For me, this meant investing in a good planner. I like to have my day planned, adding more to it as I go along, or even taking tasks away. Having a clear and concise to-do list can help you stay motivated. You know exactly what to do and when and ticking off that check-list gives you that “accomplished” feeling. The planner I got was a gem found in Tk Maxx.
    This planner comes with stickers. It wants me to excel. I love colourful things.

    It starts from July 2017 right up until December 2018. Each month has its own inspirational quote and a space to jot down your goals. I don’t use it every day but I try to! A successfully planned week or day makes such a noticeable difference, even for someone as spontaneous as me. I’m pencilling you in for tip number 3 in two seconds…

  3. Hey there! Thanks for making our scheduled appointment to point numéro 3. You’re pumped, you’re organised and now you need to MANIFEST. Manifesting is simply telling yourself WHAT you want and WHY you need it. Some people manifest in silence whilst meditating, some say it out loud, others do it in the shower. Do whatever works for you. The main point is, sometimes we become de-motivated because we lose sight of the real reasons behind our goals. Take language-learning for example. It’s a tough and almost never-ending process, (there’s always new words and phrases to learn) we have to expand that vocabulary! I’m constantly manifesting and reminding myself why I continue to study languages even though the fluency does not happen overnight.
  4. Lastly, I would not be half as motivated as I am today if I didn’t WORKOUT. Remember when I said sometimes you just need to feel something… Well, I need to feel the BURN. Once that burst of energy turns into adrenaline, it’s time for me to lift some weights, run, jump, whatever.
    Hiking along the coastline

    I always feel so proud after a workout, no matter how quick or easy. That in itself encourages me to do the other things that will make me feel accomplished. So yes, working out does keep me motivated, and it could work for you too!

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