Empty pockets with Full hearts

This post is here to tell you that you don’t have to be rich to travel. Travelling begins the minute you step outside your home and go wherever your body takes you! Keep these words in mind the next time you’re planning a getaway.


Don’t limit yourself to plane rides when other forms of travel exist. Taking a train, a boat, a coach or even driving your own rental car will add to your travel experience. It could also be a cheaper alternative. If it means breaking up your trip into little pieces, i.e, drive 100 miles here then catch a flight there, it’s worth it. My “euro trip” stories wouldn’t be complete without the sleeper-train from Prague to Vienna, and those double-decker German trains (Britain desperately needs to catch up with that). Also, there’s island hopping. If you’re going to island hop around the Lesser Antilles, taking a boat could save you so much hassle. I wouldn’t know yet but @muchomegan could tell you. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “but to travel to another country often means flights are the only option”. Ok, yes, you’re correct, BUT have you ever tried being a tourist in your own country? London, Manchester and Liverpool are all worth the visit and what’s more, they’re all in England!

Making your first travel adventures closer to home will show you the beauty of your country and all its differences. Rome isn’t the same as Venice, and Florence isn’t the same as Pisa. Staying in one country doesn’t limit you as a “real voyager”.


Now that you’ve arrived at your chosen destination, you’ll need somewhere to stay. Don’t shy away from hostels. They are your friends when it comes to travelling on a budget, especially in capital cities. You’re worried about sharing a room with strangers? A lot of hostels offer upgrades these days. You can share a room with fewer people, or just your friends. Some places even offer ensuites and private beds, like, St Christopher’s Inns. Their hostels are also perfect for meeting fellow backpackers and getting the low-down on where to visit in your chosen city.

If hostels really aren’t for you, depending on what type of trip you’re on, you could look into campsites. For the outdoorsy type (and those that probably came by car) camping is easily a considerable option. Or for those who like to feel at home when they travel, I have to recommend sites such as Airbnb or Homestay For a price reduction on your bed and board, you may be asked to water the plants or go without wifi. Nevertheless, these are some of the options for you to consider before splashing out on a fancy hotel.


I wanted to do a thorough post about spending money and how to save on excursions but I realised that one fundamental reason people spend a lot abroad is due to food. It’s a necessity and we want to try all the new delicacies. However, it won’t hurt to play it smart. On your way to your destination, don’t forget to bring your own snacks. Yes, you may not have space for that cute blue dress now, but, you will save some coins because you sacrificed the dress for your homemade sandwich.

When you’re roaming on a budget, decide which meal of the day is worth spending a lot of money on. Have a humble breakfast (or just stock up from the hostel breakfast buffet) so that you can dine in style for lunch and dinner. Or maybe reverse it, go out for brunch and have homemade tapas for dinner. It’s whatever works for you. Also, eat like the locals! Don’t play yourself by going to the best-of-the-best restaurants in the tourist hotspots when the REAL good food is around the corner and usually much cheaper. I’ll never forget the tameya I had in Nasr City, Cairo. I ate £5 worth of tameya for about two days till my stomach hurt, but… it was tasty, cheap and filling.

I have no regrets.

3 fitting words for this post; budgeting, humility, sacrifice


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