Finding Hidden Gems|Fort-de-France

One of my favourite things about Fort-de-France is that each time you visit, you can discover a new boutique or a new place to eat. Fort-de-France is full of hidden gems. It’s a city full of history and it’s booming with creativity.  That’s why I decided to welcome the weekend by spending Friday afternoon at La P’tite Madeleine and Un Oeuf.

La P’tite Madeleine needs no introduction if you’ve seen their Instagram feed @laptitemadeleine. Not too far from La Savane, it has a central location but is still tucked away, waiting to be found and enjoyed. Without a doubt, their options for petit déjeuner, brunch, déjeuner, or even a little snack (Goûte) are mouthwatering.


We opted for the “formule de jour” which is basically a set menu for the day and time. As it was lunchtime, you could choose from a selection of savoury “tartes” and madeleines to accompany your salad.

In terms of their drink options, it felt limitless. It ranged from cold beverages such as water, sodas, bubble teas and milkshakes, to their hot selection of brews.  I appreciated the fact they could supply plant-based alternatives for their dairy products.

Who doesn't like bookshelves?
Grab a book or play a game!

The gigantic beauty you can see in the photos is a concoction of all things sugary, chocolatey and delicious. At its base, it’s your average tasty milkshake. You can choose your flavours, I chose vanilla, Sév preferred chocolate. Then, it’s time to create. You can specify the candy you want, whether you want cream, nuts, cookies, and what glaze drizzle you would prefer. It is literally up to you,  (and how much your stomach can take).

After satisfying our taste buds, it was time to take in some art. One of my favourite things about Martinique is its art. Not only is it a beautiful island, naturally and effortlessly, but, from its graffiti to its statues, the creativity on this ile is immense. Un Oeuf (an egg) / Maison d’Artistes @1oeuf , is a hub for all creatives.

As you walk in, Once you’re on the street leading to its doors, you see art. There is colour everywhere. There’s seating outside by the entrance and a terrace in the back. When you finally enter, there’s the donation box, (or toilet, rather) a piece of art itself. The further you venture inside, the more the smile on your face grows.

Cette maison existe grâce à des idees & des financements privés [grâce à vous]


Un Oeuf exists thanks to people’s ideas and investments. Create what you want, and live your own truth. That’s what I get from this Maison d’Artistes. The art found here screams freedom of expression, and reality. I loved it’s welcoming atmosphere and the bar by the terrace adds another dimension to what an afternoon or evening here could offer. Don’t stop at the first floor either. Keep ascending up the brightly painted stairs and continue to enjoy the beauty of Martinique.


Their motto? ” Rencontre / créer / diffuser ” and the vibe is perfect for all three. At Un Oeuf you can find events, workshops, art classes and much more. Go and play their piano. Ask to contribute some art, or in fact, be the art. Pose for one of their art classes. It is THE place to meet, create and diffuse in Fort-de-France.


3 fitting words for this post; food-babies, creativity, enjoyment



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