Slipping from a Waterfall |Cascade de Didier

Slipping from a waterfall? Not possible. Can’t happen. Well, it did…

It’s a late Saturday morning. I and two friends decided it was the perfect day to visit Cascade de Didier. We jumped in the car, started that engine and in less than 30 minutes we had arrived. Now, there’s something you should know about Cascade de Didier. It is now banned from public access. For some reason, (or whatever) it’s supposedly dangerous, but nevertheless, everybody still takes the hike and sees the two waterfalls in all their beauty.

Seeing as I am reflecting on a near-death experience, (not really, but let’s dramatise it as much as possible) I’d like to point out one of the flaws of Instagram. In fact, it’s not really Instagram’s fault, but, its users. IF I had not been swayed by the thrilling and well-received video posted on my friend’s account, maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t have slipped from that waterfall. Maybe, I would have saved myself the embarrassment of posting the comical slip on my own account. (find the clip here: @kirstkyum, and here @3fittingwords) AND maybe, just maybe, I would not have this story to tell…

Eh… Probably not.

So we started the hiking trail. It was muddier than I had anticipated. It cost me some cute blue shorts (and my dignity) but the views and the memories were worth it all. After some time had passed, we reached a grotty tunnel. There are no lights, so if you plan to go, bring a torch or use the light on your phone to guide you. Through this tunnel, we had to walk along humongous pipes, trying not to slip until we made it out to the other side. I was grateful I went with people who had been here once before or trust me, it would have been a different experience. Once there, it wasn’t long till we reached the first little waterfall.

This was it. The waterfall, the one I would talk about in days, months and years to come. My knowledgeable friend Naomi stayed at the top with our possessions and the camera ready to record. Magdalena and I were positioned to jump. She went first. We had already discussed that she would swim to my rescue after my jump.

I have a fear of deep water

In what felt like forever, she was finally gone. She leapt before my eyes and the blonde ponytail had made its way into the river below. Now it was my turn. It felt like an eternity as I slowly convinced myself to jump. I crept closer and closer to the edge of the waterfall (little did I know, twas to be my demise). To do a successful leap, you need to spring from your feet and jump over the water as it shoots down. Just as I was stabilising myself to supply the boost I needed, my feet failed me. Whoosh, it was quick, it was thrilling and in my head, I said: “halas, i’m done for”.

The next thing I saw was white. The water completely covered me and I wondered when I would see the river clearly again. As I began swimming, to my relief it wasn’t as deep as I thought it would be. I did a frantic scramble, colliding with Magdalena at the same time and finally reached the safety zone. My audience, (yes I had one, other walkers who thought we were crazy) finally decided to look away and continue their walks. My “jump” really wasn’t as impressive as my compatriot’s.

We met up with Naomi and watched our videos, half crying/half laughing at what had just unfolded. However, there was no time to wait. We wanted to see the huge waterfall and return home before it got dark. So off we went, of course stopping for the odd photoshoot or two.

Eventually, we made it to la grande cascade, and what a sight it was. We might have been cold, wet and shivering, but the waterfall really was another gift from nature. Despite the hiccup from earlier, this day went exactly as planned, it was eventful and memorable.


A word of advice to you all, don’t almost die trying to live. If you must, please do so with capable trustworthy people 😉

3 fitting words for this post; living, adventure, spontaneity


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