Au revoir Paris…

I didn’t have any plans for my final day in Paris. I had seen, explored, visited and experienced most things I had an interest in. I thought it would pass by calmly. I thought I would be on to a new chapter of my life in no time. By noon, that all changed.

I booked an appointment with the @nailXperience crew for the same day. Living in Paris really brought out my “bouji” side and a good manicure is essential for any pampering or self-care session. I needed my nails to be ON POINT for my first week in Martinique. IMG-20180105-WA0002I couldn’t recommend another place to get your nails done in Paris. The team are welcoming and passionate about their work. It’s worth every penny.  As I was in central Paris, around the Saint-Lazare area, I stopped for a late lunch at Bagelstein. I made it just in time for my appointment afterwards, (by weaving through herds of tourists whilst I ran to the Citadium) and then returned to my apartment to finish packing.

During lunch, my girl Laura had messaged me and we decided to meet up with some other friends and “prendre un verre” that night. She introduced me to the bar Favela Chic (which I now adore and cannot wait to get back to).  The Brazilian music, the food, and its vibe were everything I didn’t know I needed. Before I knew it, the mojitos had kicked in and the bar had become a nightclub.

  • Friendly reminder to all Favela Chic goers, the music may start out as a funk-Caribbean-Brazilian fusion but it slowly descends into more current popular music. Don’t leave early like some of our friends did…
Metros in Paris
Ok I get it, 1am isn’t all that late BUT I still wanted to be fresh-faced for my delayed flight.

So there I was, checking the time and promising to adhere to the self-imposed curfew of 11pm. Unexpectedly, I received an automated SMS from AirCaraibes. My flight had been delayed. Showing Laura the SMS, it was time to really enjoy my last night in Paris. I stayed out later than planned and danced the night away.

I’m thankful for the way we shared our goodbyes. It wasn’t a sad or emotional farewell. Instead, it was full of excitement and positivity. We both were excited for what was to come, and how we would share our new adventures.

3 fitting words for this post; manicures, vibes, goodbyes


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